The timeless solid wood cradle for your digital gadgets and appliances.

manufactured to order, starting at $ 300

the 2 meters model mounted on a wall, holding up to 19 devices

The two meters long Device Shelf made out of pristine walnut or Canadian cedar wood holds up to 19 devices, smartphones and tablets, absorbing all their charging cables almost invisibly. It is perfect for wall mounts in foyers and testing labs alike.

the recessed round openings (9mm) absorb USB charging cables

To set a contrast to the appliances it holds, the Device Shelf is made from one piece of pristine walnut or Canadian cedar wood, only processed with the saw and the drill. No sanding or polishing. Only the raw materials.

a symmetric, but utile U-shaped profile
(4.8cm x 4.8cm) with a well (2.5cm x 1cm)

Devices connect through an embedded charging cable while still being accessible directly. Invisible, properly stowed and versatile.

In an agnostic approach to technology and made to last, the pure enduring material and the compatibility with future technology thanks to simplistic design choices.

The Device Shelf has been successfully tested with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, and current cables of type Micro USB and Lightning and with future devices connecting with USB Type C. In the model above, magnetic charging cables from Volta Charger have been used.

  • produce as shown on this website: USD$ 300 / piece, plus taxes, handling & shipping
  • individual prices upon request
  • international shipping available
  • manufactured to order
  • made in Switzerland
  • allow 3-7 weeks for delivery
  • material: walnut, cedar wood or alternative preferences
  • dimensions: 200cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm

Please contact us for modifications such as material and dimensions and for bulk orders.